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GraphQL with Prisma
Working with GraphQL allows developers to fetch data effectively in their applications, and Prisma makes the process of wiring up data sources less complex. In this workshop, we’ll get hands-on experience building GraphQL APIs with Prisma while demonstrating the differences between schema-first and code-first approaches. Along the way, we’ll get a better understanding of how tools in the ecosystem fit together and how to leverage GraphQL’s type system to write better code.
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Eve Porcello
Software Developer + Instructor @Moon Highway
Eve Porcello is the co-founder of Moon Highway, a curriculum development and training company based in Northern California. For almost a decade, she has taught JavaScript, GraphQL, and React training workshops to tech professionals around the world. She is the co-author of Learning React and Learning GraphQL from O’Reilly Media. You can follow her on Twitter @eveporcello or find her articles at www.moonhighway.com/articles.