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A Practical Introduction to Prisma [English]
In this beginner-friendly and hands-on workshop, you'll learn the basics of using the Prisma ORM with TypeScript.
Specifically, the workshop will cover:

✅ Setting up Prisma from scratch with SQLite
✅ Data modelling, migrations & querying
✅ API development with REST & GraphQL

• Node.js: 10.16.X / 12.2.X / 14.X
• NO prior knowledge of TypeScript or SQL required

This workshop is planned for 150min.
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Nikolas Burk
Head of Developer Success @Prisma
Nikolas is passionate about learning, teaching and helping other developers succeed. He has been with Prisma for more than four years, loves hosting workshops and always enjoys opportunities where he can get in direct touch with the Prisma community.