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Prisma Community Workshop: Wasp
Wasp is a simple configuration language that enables developers to build full-stack Javascript (React + Node) web apps with 10x less code. During this workshop we will build a full-stack Todo App together from the scratch in Wasp. Basic knowledge of Javascript and React is expected.
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Matija Šošić
Comp Sci MSc & Software Engineer, CEO @Wasp
I am excited about clean code, functional programming, web dev, building teams and useful products. In my free time I enjoy calisthenics and photography. Experience: - led engineering team at Lifebit Biotech - Techstars Tech Associate (London), cohort of 2017 - CEO & Co-founder @ TalkBook (https://talkbook.co/home) - Noom, New York - SWE internship (2014) - A*Star, Bioinformatics institute Singapore - research internship (2011)
Martin Šošić
Comp Sci MSc & Software Engineer, CTO @Wasp
I am excited about building a product, open source, functional programming, web development, clean code, customer development. Ex algorithmic competitor, SWE intern at Google, Palantir and Bioinformatic Institute (Singapore), author of Edlib library, dev associate at Techstars 2017, founder of Talkbook (startup), led engineering team at Lifebit.ai. I love mechanical keyboards, emacs, calisthenics and playing instruments.