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Prisma Community Workshop: Blitz
Blitz.js is the Fullstack React Framework. It's heavily inspired by Ruby on Rails and is focused on making you as productive as possible. It's built on Next.js and adds all the missing pieces you need for building a fullstack app with a database. By far the biggest innovation of Blitz is the new "Zero-API" data layer that abstracts away the API so you don't have to mess with REST or GraphQL APIs! Simon will introduce all the important parts & guide you through getting started with Blitz, so you'll know if you might want to use it or not.
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Simon Knott
Creator @Quirrel
Simon is passionate about all things developer-tooling. He speaks to you as a Maintainer of Blitz.js, where he works on SuperJSON and things related to its compile step. Besides that, he works on Quirrel, a job queueing solution for the JAMStack