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Building a REST API with NestJS and Prisma
In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn how to build a REST API with NestJS and the Prisma ORM in TypeScript.
Specifically, the workshop will cover:
✅ Integrating Prisma into NestJS architecture
✅ REST API development including CRUD, pagination and authentication
✅ Error handling of Prisma exceptions with NestJS filters

• Node.js: 10.16.X / 12.2.X / 14.X
• NestJS CLI (minimum v7.0.0)
• Basic familiarity with NestJS is recommended for this workshop
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Marc Stammerjohann
I'm a freelance full stack developer and open sourcerer from Germany building apps for the Web and Mobile. I write about my favourite tech stack on notiz.dev including Angular, NestJS and Prisma. In my free time I like to Standup paddle and inline skate.